Local Support Fuels Meralco’s Partnership with Batangas Energy Provider

June 30, 2024 by
Pocket Marites
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Meralco's proposed joint venture with Batangas distribution utilities has garnered strong support from the local government. During a meeting of the League of Municipalities of the Philippines Batangas Chapter, attending mayors unanimously passed a resolution endorsing the venture, according to Meralco.

Local officials believe that the collaboration between electric cooperatives BATELEC I and BATELEC II, alongside Meralco, will help alleviate the persistent power outages and brownouts affecting residents and businesses in the province.

BATELEC I services one city and 11 municipalities in western Batangas, while BATELEC II covers two cities and 15 municipalities in the eastern part. Together, these cooperatives serve over 500,000 consumer members and have sold 1,671 gigawatt-hours of energy.

Meralco, which accounts for approximately 55% of the nation's electricity consumption, plans to inject capital into the cooperatives through this joint venture. The goal is to enhance consumer services through substantial infrastructure investments, ensuring reliable and affordable electricity.

Batangas is increasingly becoming an economic power hub of the south, attracting numerous investments due to its strategic location and burgeoning industrial sector. This partnership with Meralco is another testament to the province's potential, as investments continue to flow in, further boosting its infrastructure and economic growth. The ongoing support and collaboration between local governments and key players like Meralco position Batangas as a pivotal region for development and prosperity.

Pocket Marites June 30, 2024
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