Be An Accredited Sales Partner!

Know the process and perks of becoming part of Pocket Communities' Exclusive Sales Team!

Completion of Form and Accreditation

Fill out the necessary details in the form and wait for the Sales & Marketing Officer to reach out to you via call or email for the complete accreditation process.

Project Briefing and Site Orientation

Connect with Pocket Communities' dedicated Facebook Group designed specifically for sellers to access the latest updates on project briefings and seminars. Additionally, feel free to contact our Sales and Marketing team to inquire about the schedule for site orientation sessions, providing you with an opportunity to acquaint yourself with our projects.

Learn to Earn!

Elevate your sales potential by joining Pocket Communities' free seminars and training.

Perks of Becoming Pocket Communities Sales Partner
  • Earn Competitive Sales Commisssion and Generous Seller's Incentives
  • Learn through our Exclusive Sales Training and Seminars
  • Experience a Seamless and Hassle-free Sales and Marketing Assistance

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